The ITG’s Do Not Originate (DNO) Registry

On May 19, 2022, the Federal Communications Commission adopted a new order that, among other things, requires voice service providers that serve as the gateway provider, i.e., the U.S. Point of Entry, to block calls based on a do-not-originate (DNO) list. The FCC declined to mandate the use of a specific list, but required that such providers “use at least one DNO list, so long as the list is reasonable.” The rules require that reasonable DNO lists “may include only invalid, unallocated, and unused numbers, as well as numbers for which the subscriber to the number has requested blocking.” In doing so, the FCC encouraged industry players to make use of existing tools in addition to developing new ones.

Since 2017, the USTelecom-led Industry Traceback Group has maintained a DNO list, known as the ITG DNO Registry, which includes both government and private organization numbers that meet criteria set forth in Appendix B: Do Not Originate Policy of the ITG’s Policies and Procedures. The FCC has previously indicated that the ITG’s DNO Registry is reasonable.

If you are interested in acquiring the ITG DNO Registry list, please complete the form available below. Please note that the ITG’s DNO Registry includes only numbers for which the subscriber has requested blocking, and does not include invalid, unallocated, and unused numbers. Please also note that the ITG charges a reasonable subscription fee for access to the ITG DNO Registry list. Additional terms that apply are available here.